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Come to Us for Corporate Accounting in Sudbury & Area

Our dedicated team covers a wide range of services for business and corporate accounting in Sudbury including income tax filing, bookkeeping, payroll, consulting, financial planning and more. Ensure your financial goals are met with strict attention to detail, diligence and an expert eye. We’ll equip you with the knowledge and strategies necessary to get your money working for you. 

Let Pierre Gionet Professional Corporation handle the filing of your tax return for a speedy return you can use to pay off credit card debt, put toward retirement or plan the vacation of your dreams. We’ll work with you to achieve your dreams with proven financial strategies and investment plans.

Corporate & Business Services

At Pierre Gionet Professional Corporation, you can rely on us for the following services:


In addition to filing tax returns, Pierre Gionet Professional Corporation can assist your small- to mid-sized business with the sometimes complicated and often labour-intensive payroll services you need. Concentrate on other aspects of getting your business off the ground while we handle bookkeeping, as well. Additionally, we can provide registration services and counselling for your company. Let us help you achieve your financial goals.

Tax Services

We provide business management, corporate tax filing and bookkeeping. You can also come to us when you’re looking to downsize, or sell your business.

Succession Planning

Looking to pass your business or estate to the next generation? We’ll help you navigate the process and make sure everything is in order for your financial future.

Accounting Systems

Our technicians work with professional and industry-approved accounting software programs to take care of all your accounting needs.

Financial Statements

Corporation financial statements – you name it, we handle them all. We’ll make sure your statements are prepared in a timely and accurate manner.


Learn more about Canada’s detailed, technical tax rules and learn to identify tax planning opportunities for your clients or organization. We can also show you what effects corporate purchases, sales and restructuring.


Need advice? Trust the chartered professional accountants at Pierre Gionet Professional Corporation to provide more than 40 years of expertise and accounting service. Whether you need to cut costs, or are looking to acquire a company, we can give you the guidance you need to make the right decision.


We’ve dealt with hundreds of customers over the years, ensuring their business and financial plans are upheld to the highest standard. Not only do we maintain a high ethical standard but we also offer a number of money-saving strategies that fall in line with your goals and aspirations.

Financial Planning

Whatever your income, a well-laid-out financial plan is critical. Meet your financial goals with the help of our planning team to develop strategies to free yourself of credit card debt, plan for your children’s education, set goals for retirement and more. When you collaborate with one of our experienced chartered professional accountants, you’ll be able to formulate a financial plan that is custom-tailored to your unique goals.

Business Plans

We’ll help identify your business goals and help you realize how attainable they are with a little tweaking and professional advice from the chartered professional accountants and technicians at Pierre Gionet Professional Corporation.

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Save time and money and assure accuracy with the accounting professionals at Pierre Gionet Professional Corporation. Feel free to visit our Sudbury office for all of your accounting needs. Contact us today to book an appointment with one of our dedicated chartered professional accountants for individualized service tailored to your unique needs and goals.

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